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Performances and Workshops

Whether you’re a youth group, a community centre, a business or any other group looking for a new experience, Rastros no Ar is sure to be able to inject passion and excitement into your event or regular programme! (Schools and colleges please see our education page for activities specifically designed for you.) Want to hear from the people who’ve experienced it? Read our testimonials.


Capoeira and Contemporary dance workshops can be tailored to the needs of the group and setting to achieve your aims and the best results for participants. Here are some general things to think about when planning a workshop with us, but please contact us for more information and to discuss your particular project; we’d love to hear form you!

Workshops can be individual sessions, whole days, a series of sessions or days or an intensive block (e.g. several days during school holidays) or indeed a combination of all these!

The ideal length for one ‘session’ is 1-2 hours (depending upon the age and activity levels of the participants) so therefore, day workshops would be split into blocks of 1-2 hours with breaks in between (which can of course be tailored to your particular timetable)

Workshops may include the following elements;

Capoeira                                                                  Contemporary Dance

Strength                                                                     Technique

Flexibility                                                                   Improvisation

Play                                                                             Expression

Rhythm                                                                      Musicality

Music & Singing                                                       Exploration of a theme or topic

History &Culture                                                     Choreography

Communication                                                       Performance

Performance                                                             Creative Play

Relationship building                                             Group Dynamics and team building


Maybe you have other elements you would like to develop with us? Contact us to discuss the idea further!


The options for performance are vast;

– Perhaps you need a group of capoeira artists to liven up your event and engage your audience with a stunning physical and musical display?

– Perhaps you have a regular group who would like a new challenge and the chance to create their own capoeira or dance performance to share with family and friends?

– Perhaps you’re organizing a community event or carnival and you want some capoeira or dance to zest it up and add the visual element to the parade?

Over the years Jane and Piolho have performed at trade fairs, community fairs, carnivals, schools, restaurants, nightclubs, dinners, corporate events and more! Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create a special performance adapted to your needs.