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Capoeira Masterclasses for Dance Students at University of Chester

From January to March 2012 Contra-Mestre Piolho and Jane taught a series of eight Capoeira classes for Chester University Dance students. Classes were a huge success, so much so that we have been invited back to do more workshops and to run a regular capoeira class next academic year!

The dance students told us that they’d really enjoyed learning capoeira but had also learnt and developed many skills that would be useful to them in their dance practice, such as understanding and working closely with a partner, listening to their own and other bodies, responding to and improvising with the music and other people, improving strength and flexibility and developing acrobatic movements and risk taking. Below are some of the testimonials from the participants:

” I enjoyed trying something completely different and taking bigger risks with movement than I might normally take. I really like the energy in the room… and using energy from the music and others.” Jessica

“It’s been amazing, it lights up the day!” Jennie

“I enjoyed everything. The learning experience was incredible and I’ve learnt so much about capoeira … Not just the movement but also some of the culture. I’ve had a great time!” Kirsty

And finally, a wonderful summary from Romana, “Listen to the question, answer! Play and forget everything that is going on in your head! Enjoy, sing, feel it!”

If you’re inspired by these participants’ experiences then contact us to see how we can bring this energy to you and your group! Or if you’re an individual, why not come along and experience it for yourself at one of our regular classes?